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Opportunities to Serve

Opportunities to Serve

I. Opportunities For You  on the FBCD Campus

(For off-campus opportunities, please scroll down.)

Info Kiosk Staff desired for only one Sunday a month.

  • VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY for all adults: HS & JHS students are welcome with adult supervision.
  • Staff the Kiosk from 10:30-10:45 am once a month.
  • Duties are connecting worshipers with Sunday school & providing info/maps/pamphlets on FBCD church ministries.
  • To join this ministry, please see Noel Burch at the Info Kiosk (in the Worship Center lobby on Sunday mornings) at leave a message for her at (562) 923-1261.

II.Local Outreach off Campus in Southern California 

[For Missions Outreach (Out-of-State, International) – visit our Missions page.]

A. Beacon Light Mission (BLM) Outreach Trip*

B. Child Evangelism Fellowship*

C. Jill’s House Oxygen2 Weekend Adventure*

*Details for these Mission Ministries are at First Baptist Church of Downey-Ministries-Missions

III. Regular Volunteer Positions – Now recruiting

(Those needing Fall 2017 volunteers marked in red below.)

For further information, kindly call Debbie at 562.923.1261 x232 or e-mail her at debbief@fbcdowney.org.  She will connect you with the right person to get you started serving God’s family here at FBCD.

[Last updated 10-10-2017.]

I. Administrative Volunteer Positions

  • Prepare Mailings
  • Emergency Preparedness Team
  • Reminder Phone Callers
  • Library
  • Pew Re-stock
  • Assemble Information Packets
  • Staff Ministry Sign-up Table
  • Bus Driver
  • Copy and cut Connect/Visitor/Prayer Cards
  • Risk Management Team
  • Folding & Stuffing Bulletins
  • Financial Audit Team
  • Attendance Records (Sun/Wed)
  • Collection & Distribution
  • Info. Technology (IT) 
  • Photographing Church Events & Ministry Activities
  • Website/Social Media Team

II. Worship Arts Ministry

A. Worship Band & Team

  • Sunday Morning (Jr. High – Adults) 
  • Jr. High & High School Students (Sunday school & Wednesday night)

B. People & Information

  • Greeters (At the Front Doors)
  • Ushers
  • Information Kiosk (in the church lobby before/after Sunday morning services

C. “Tech” Skills

  • PowerPoint / MediaShout
  • Sound Video Recording
  • Video Recording

D. Special Events/Productions

  • Easter
  • Christmas

III. Face – to – Face Ministry

A. Outreach Ministries

  • Beacon Light Mission Outreach
  • Phone Calls
  • Missionary Care
  • 52:7/Evangelism Ministry
  • Deacons Hands

B. Discipleship Ministries

  • Baptism Service Helper
  • Congregational Prayer Team
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Youth Leader Training Development

IV.  Food Service

A. “Food” Skills

  • Event Coordinator
  • Kitchen Volunteers
  • Servers
  • Set-up / Clean-up

B. Special Events

  • Ministry Dinners
  • Luncheons
  • Youth events

V. Children’s Service Ministry 

(Sunday Mornings/Wednesday Nights/Events)

A. Nursery & Preschool:

  • Nursery Helpers
  • Classroom Teacher/Helpers
  • Awana Leaders & Helpers
  • Special Event Helpers
  • Sunday Morning Volunteers

B. Kindergarten to 5th Grade

  • Classroom Teachers/Helpers
  • Special Event Helpers
  • Sunday Morning Volunteers
  • Awana Leaders & Helpers

VI. Mentoring Ministry

A. Jr. Hi. (Middle) & High School

  • Sunday Mornings
  • Classroom Teachers/Helpers
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Wednesday Night Program Helpers
  • Special Event Helpers