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Lead Pastor


The Lead Pastor strategically leads First Baptist Church of Downey (FBCD) to achieve her mission of working together to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ.


  • The Lead Pastor shall meet the Biblical standards for elders outlined in I Timothy and Titus.
  • The Lead Pastor shall be a regularly ordained or Licensed Minister whose credentials are recognized by Transformation Ministries. If a licensed Pastor is not ordained by Transformation Ministries, it is expected that ordination should be sought and completed as soon as feasible.
  • He shall become a church member within 90 days after installation as the Lead Pastor.

Ministry Responsibilities

  • The Lead Pastor under the Guiding Principles shall be responsible for casting the mission, vision, and direction of the ministry of First Baptist Church of Downey.
  • The Lead Pastor shall shepherd the congregation, equip the saints for ministry, preach the Bible, and facilitate the celebration of the ordinances of baptism and communion. The Lead Pastor shall believe, live, and articulate the scriptures in a culturally relevant and spiritually effective manner.
  • With the assistance of appropriately equipped saints, the Lead Pastor shall assure the facilitation of necessary spiritual counseling, global missions and other ministries as described in the Guiding Principles.
  • The Lead Pastor will present the Annual Vision and Ministry Plan to the congregation following approval by the Senior Board.
  • To ensure missional accomplishment under the Guiding Principles, the Lead Pastor or his designees shall be responsible for the hiring, administration, and dismissal of all church staff.
  • The Lead Pastor or his designees shall assign the duties of all staff and be responsible for their fruitful conduct, affirmation, and discipline as appropriate.
  • On behalf of the church, the Lead Pastor will provide each staff member a job description and a personnel manual which will include, among other things, a review of the general expectations of employees, an overview of employee benefits, and grievance procedures.
  • The Lead Pastor shall be responsible for the administration and supervision of all staff, teams and committees and ministries of the church under the Guiding Principles.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • The Lead Pastor shall annually propose a General Budget to the Senior Board and, with the Senior Board’s approval, join with the Senior Board in presenting the General Budget to the congregation.
  • The Lead Pastor shall annually propose a Ministry Plan including a General Budget, a Staffing Plan, and Ministry Team Report to the Senior Board.
  • The Lead Pastor or his designees shall be responsible for annually recommending the salary, housing allowances, and other benefits of others on the pastoral staff and non-pastoral staff for the sake of inclusion in the Proposed General Budget.
  • The salaries of all other pastoral and non-pastoral staff shall be included as a single line item in each year’s Proposed General Budget.

Job Requirements

  • Must have good spiritual disciplines including, but not limited to, a private devotional time, commitment to regular worship and giving.
  • Strong leadership Skills.
  • Strong relational skills.
  • Ability to create vision and execute the vision.
  • Ten years of ministry experience in a senior leadership position or 10 years of progressive ministry leadership responsibility.
  • Seminary degree or equivalent education.
  • Strong and effective preaching/teaching ability.
  • Ability to work with the ministry team members, other staff, and volunteers.

Governance Relationships

  • The Lead Pastor shall be a voting member of the Senior Board. He or his designee shall also be an additional, non-voting member of all other church teams/committees.
  • The Lead Pastor shall be accountable to the Scriptures and the Senior Board for the faithful discharge of duties as described in the Guiding Principles.






April 30, 2019


Todd Olson
8348 E. Third Street
Downey, CA 90241